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Our goal as a successful company starts with fueling our mind and body. Our first nutrition product is a probiotic crafted to support digestive health. It has been said the digestive tract is our second brain, but really it is the commander of the brain. We found most people cannot become who they want to be without proper nutrition. We are grateful for your support which allows us to donate 1% of our Nutrition revenue to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization fighting hunger in the United States of ‘Merica.


Our clarity product line starts with one of our most important supplements, CBD. The tincture product is best for those seeking a vegan, kosher, non-gmo, 0.0% thc, CBD product. There are many reasons why we have such a demand for CBD and the reason to purchase CBD is personal. Always consult with your medical professional before taking any supplements. We believe in transparent marketing practises for longevity in the health industry. We seek out longevity for our business as well as our minds, so we donate 1% of our Clarity revenue to the Alzheimer’s Association.


Our performance line starts with a pre-workout to help fuel the fire within you. It is designed to aid in achieving peak performance. We recommend using caffeine and pre-workout wisely to not deplete natural sources of energy. Once every other day or every few days for more mental intensity to reach your goals is what we find most beneficial.

“Remember your dream is your only scheme. So keep on Pushin” – Curtis Mayfield


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To cultivate overall health and wellness through nutrition, clarity, and performance.