Our Performance in Donating

We are not any other company. We stay true to our intention, goal, and mission.

We help people become the best. Being down and out is a source of strength. It means opportunity is ahead. We work hard to create an impact. We push our performance levels. We optimize recovery. We inspire only to excel.

We stay in the battleground every day. When adversity hits us, it is like any other day. This is how we manifest success. We accept the struggle and hustle together. We stay in the trenches and help those struggling to get out and succeed with us.

We donate money to causes we believe in.

We donate 1% of revenue from the Nutrition product line to Feeding America. We perform this action in lump sum donations quarterly. Without the proper foundation we can build nothing of value. We show our gratitude of proper nutrition by ensuring others have it too. Your purchases help feed someone in America.

We donate 1% of revenue from the Clarity product line to the Alzheimer’s Association. This is to help those struggling with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We believe the mind is important to take care of. We are here to help achieve mental clarity and prevent anything taking it away. Your purchases help find a cure.

Thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to be the best. RAAM!