Our Core Beliefs & Values

1. We support people

2. Mental Health is sacred

3. Emotional Health is sacred

4. Physical Health is sacred

5. Any obstacle can be overcome

6. Business is about more than money

7. Money is important for business

8. Loved ones come first

9. Work is to be valued

10. People are valued

11. Gratitude creates greatness

12. Progress is always possible

13. Rest and recovery to maximize effort are key to success

14. Customer service is essential

15. Create peace within

16. Keep your head up

17. Ask for help

18. Failure is not to be feared

19. Find passion and appreciate it

20. Art makes the world beautiful and unique

21. We never know all of someone’s struggle or success

22. To create something impactful we need to inspire others

23. Be effective

24. When we know better, we do better

25. Act with pride, humility, appreciation, and authenticity